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The 6 Graphic Design Trends That Will Influence 2021

The 6 Graphic Design Trends That Will Influence 2021

Graphic Design trends for 2021

Looking forward into 2021, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. But what exactly does 2021 hold for graphic designers? Here are the graphic design trends we’re predicting for the year ahead.

Inspired by Nature

We are seeing a shift in graphic design that takes nature as its focus.

Designs with humanistic and organic tones are pushing into 2021 to remind you what you are missing when you are forced to stay home. Many people spent much of this year cooped up inside. It may be no surprise then that the outside world will be making its way inside 2021’s graphic designs.

We will be seeing leafy patterns, earth-tone colors, and landscape illustrations. Not only will we see more natural colors, but gradients will be used to depict natural light settings, giving visuals a more layered look. As tourist destinations reopen and air travel recovers, we’ll see an outpouring of wanderlust. Many brands will use nature imagery to associate their brand with feelings of serenity, growth and renewal to give their brand a fresh breath in 2021.

Source: Marka Network Branding Agency

Retro vibe—everything old is new again

What was old is now new. Without a doubt, 2020 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. It’s no surprise that we’re looking back at the better years. The reason is simple but powerful – it provokes nostalgy. We have seen a lot of retro fonts and colour palettes over the last few months, bringing a sense of safety and comfort.

Pulling from a range of decades as inspiration, we are seeing the return of art deco styles from the 1920’s, the muted earthy colours of the 1960s, the bright fluros and neons of the 1980s and a range of references from the early-tech 1990s.

The warm, familiar feeling that retro design gives us when we see it will always be a powerful one. That’s why it will remain an important part of graphic design for the foreseeable future.

3D Typography

Many brands and graphic designers will implement 3D in to their graphic design projects as it always attract the viewer attention and we will see it in different forms as 3D elements combined with photographic elements, flat illustrations combined with 3D graphic elements, motion design will be influenced by 3D and 3D typography will have a great impact this year.

Source: David Mcleod

Geometric Shapes

While in previous years we have seen quite a bit done in terms of more abstract design, many brands are reverting back to geometric based images. Clean, geometric designs are visually interesting and have a sharp, modern look. They’re easy for the eyes to focus on. The lines and perspective utilized in a geometric design can also work together to draw the eyes where you want them to go.

The idea is to build a complex component from basic shapes like squares, rounds, rectangles, or triangles.

Source: Zen Desk

Authentic Representation

Graphic design, as with anything, is influenced by the climate. By what is transpiring in the world around us. People want “realness,” they crave authenticity, now more so than ever before.

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders led to a sort of stripped-down, more natural representation of everyday life in media.
In 2021, brands are fully embracing a natural, unedited representation of our diversity, beauty, and life. People are no longer interested in the photos that look too professional and polished.

Serif Fonts

In typography, a serif is the small extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letters.
While a little harder on the eyes, serif fonts are known to evoke a sense of credibility and trustworthiness – perhaps due to their traditional roots. And in these uncertain times, people are craving that trust and stability more than ever.
The classics, by definition, never go out of fashion, and this year is no exception. 2021 will see the serif trend continue and evolve, with designers seeking more unusual and characterful serifs to stand out from the crowd.

Source: Sarid Ezra


So what does this all add up to? If we could summarize how the design community is feeling about the coming year, we’d have to say there’s an air of cautious optimism. The importance of positivity, hopefulness and inclusivity cannot be understated.


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